Zelda Gay Performing & Producing the Extension of the Off Broadway Show The Video games with MB Stage Productions

Zelda is continuing her role as Samus Aran in The Video Games  at the Elektra Theatre with MB Stage Productions. She has also taken on a producer role in partnership with Ken Wa Kan Karate-Do, her family karate school. She will be performing in the March 18th show and in monthly shows going forward. The Show is unique in that there are 12 contestants fighting to win the title of Player One and Any of the 12 contestants can win the games depending on audience participation in the theatre as well as through voting on twitter. Zelda plays Samus Aran (#vg06) Each show is different creating an extraordinary experience for audiences and the players alike! 

Zelda Gay Performing at La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club

Zelda is performing in Euripides' "The Bacchae" at La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club. She will be playing one of the Bacchic Women.

In “The Bacchae,” the celebrated, gender-bending and mercurial party god Dionysus cavorts with his ecstatic followers, the girl-group known as The Bacchae, only to be challenged by the villainous secularist Pentheus. Overflowing with worship of all kinds (drunken goat dances anyone?) some will recognize the earliest glimmers of liberation theology… others may smell the first whiff of religious fundamentalism, and the end of the party. What, the party’s over????